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St Marys Reserves and St Marys Womens Football Photos

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St Marys Reserves Minor Premiers and Premiers 2007/08


Back Row: Brian Ahmat, Stuart Sceney, Te Wiki KiwiKiwi, Xavier Maloney, Levi Roos, Andrew Loughman, Jon Palmer, Emmett Hale, Donald Cockatoo-Collins



Middle Row: Ian Butt (Assist Football Manager), Jacob Whitty, Cameron Briscoe, Shannon Muller, Anthony Lewfatt, Dennis Hill, Kendall Garling, Larry Stimson, Jarrod Chipperfield,



Front Row: Corey Hemopo, Steven Thomas, Ryan Ilett, Mark West (Captain), Steve Lolias (Coach), Paul Ross (Team Manager), Matthew Patterson, Ben Gunn, Bill Ross (Football Manager).



Absent: Adrian Moscheni (President), Sharyn Smith (Medical), Aubin Eajarillo (Medical), Rex Nixon (Time Keeper), Anthony Vallejo, Shaun Hill, Shaun Stanislaus, Anthony Gardiner, Rick Nolan, Dylan Hale.